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Afraid You’ll Binge On Halloween Candy? Try This Simple Self-Hypnosis Trick

Halloween is here again, firing the opening salvo in the annual two-month holiday sugar war. If you’re trying to lose weight or stay away from sweets due to diabetes, you might need some ammunition to protect yourself from the candy bars primed to attack your resolve at your office, the dry cleaners, and the pantry where you keep the bags of peanut butter cups you’re saving for trick-or-treaters.

Fortunately, there’s a proven hypnosis technique that will diminish your desire for any food you tend to overeat or binge on, whether it’s chocolate, candy corn or even pizza. It’s how I got over donuts and french fries when I was eating them several times a week for a couple of months.

For this particular process, you don’t need to learn to go into a deep hypnotic trance.

You can just start. If you want, though, you can take a few deep breaths, counting to ten for the inhale and ten for the exhale.

You’re going to be imagining three things. Depending on how your mind works, you may see them, or you may have a sense of their presence with your other senses.

Close your eyes and imagine a movie screen in front of you.

Then pick a favorite food that you have a problem with. Let yourself experience this food on the left side of the screen. Imagine it with as many of your senses as you can. See it, smell it, taste it and remember what it feels like in your mouth. Or just sense that it’s there on the screen. Any level of awareness of this food will work.

Next, think of something that you find a little bit gross. My clients have used items like smelly garbage cans, sulfur, or the smell of a skunk. My go-to item on this step is dirty underwear. Pick whatever comes to mind that, frankly, disgusts you

Picture or sense this item in the right side of the screen. Remember your experiences of what it is like, and bring as much awareness to it as you are comfortable with.

Now switch back to your problem food that’s on the left side of the screen. Move it toward the center.

Switch to your gross item. Move it from the right of the screen to the center, on top of your problem food.

Imagine mixing them together.

That’s the whole trick.

I’ve used it on other clients as well on myself. It works like a charm. You will find it easy to avoid this food from now on. It’s easy to understand why.

But don’t worry that you will find this food disgusting forever. That won’t happen. You just won’t crave it or find it as appealing. If your problem food is cake, for example, you still might want some birthday cake on your birthday. You just might not eat as much of it as you did in previous years

What the gross out factor does is to balance out the special meaning you’ve given this food.

Consciously or unconsciously, we all hypnotize ourselves into believing certain goodies will give us comfort and contentment when we eat them. Perhaps this is because we associate them with pleasant times from the past. But the actual taste pleasure of a food doesn’t last for very long; our taste buds adjust to the flavor after only three bites.

So no matter how delicious you think a food is, you’re not really missing out on much when you give it up. If we’re honest, a lot of times we eat these foods more for fun than out of hunger.

But when you are hungry, remember to eat something healthy. You don’t want to create another problem food for yourself!

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